Sunday, February 8, 2015

If Quality Is What Makes Vicky Happy...






DSC_0664 Vicky Bonheur (the second name is the French word for 'happiness') is a Swiss fashion brand specialized in feminine lingerie (beside shoes), one of the main passions of the people behind the project.
Mass production is not what this brand is looking for: the limited amount of pieces they produce goes hand in hand with the search for high quality materials and fair working manufacturer, as Oliver Kaeslin and Edith Reddig tell me during our (btw very pleasant) meeting in Zurich. Quality is what they want to promise. An attitude that I like, since it means that they are taking the risk to give you (and right now me!) their word, that their pieces will last more than just a couple of seasons. I want to see what these super cute handcrafted sets are capable of! 
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