Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dreaming is Making with Caseable


Caseable produces hand-crafted unique custom covers made in Berlin and Brooklyn for your smartphone, laptop, MacBook, tablet, eReader, and Kindle. All cases are crafted from recycled materials (two thumbs up!). Beside the many great ready made designs, Caseable turns the tables and let you be the designer. 


With a user-friendly customization tool, it's simple to create personal designs. Take a look in the artist collection series, where they offer designs by artists from all over the world. You can choose among the given disigns and add your personal touch or upload your images and work with them to style your electronic devices for a perfect combination of protection and style. 

I chose to create my smartphone case starting form a picture taken during my vacation in Brazil in 2012. I first uploaded the picture and then added a text in the font and size that I wanted. Absolutely easy and fun! What do you think of my design?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flowers for Dinner

Spring has finally arrived and with it my desire for recipes which reverberate my love for the loveliest of all seasons, especially if they include flowers. I actually am the daughter of what you could call a herb whisperer. My mom is a real expert in the use and cooking of wild herbs and flowers (she wrote the book Erbe selvatiche dal Ticino alla Valle d'Aosta) and taught me how to recognize a couple of herbs, what's their healing property and how to intergrate them in my dishes.
 I used some of her teachings for a dinner's first course: a salad with fennel, mashrooms, dandelion (flower, stalk and leaf), primroses, speedwell and vetch flowers, the last four ingridients being picked by my mom and I on Mount Bré (Switzerland). I accurately washed the plants and vegetables (except for the mashrooms) and cut the vegetables and the dandelion's stalks into slices or tiny pieces. I then mixed the ingredients, added my favorite salad sauce (salt, pepper, dill, olive oil, apple vinegar, honey and mustard) and spread some more flowers on the top for decoration. Doesn't the salad look lovely in the picture above? Believe me, it's also very tasty! However, should you not like bitter, do not exaggerate with the dandelion's leaves and stalks: they are extremely healthy but quite bitter.
The second course was stuffed zucchini flowers. To prepare this dish, I stuffed the flowers with a fennel, parmigiano and egg musse, topped them with a slice of cheese and chilli threads and then baked them. My boyfriend absolutely loved them.
Let me know if you tried these recipes or if you have any suggestions for variations and additions!
I am now leaving for a run in the woods. Gotta soak up some sun!  Enjoy this enchanting spring too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Say "Sweet"! Easter Giveaway with Max Chocolatier


Family tradition is the key to Max Chocolatier's quality: 
the chocolate brand owes his name to a small boy who often forgot to lick off telltale traces of the chocolate he loved to eat. 
The exclusive recipes for today’s chocolate delicacies, in fact, come from Max’s grandfather, who mastered the art of conjuring up priceless works of art in “brown gold” many years before. 
Max’s father too, company founder Patrik König, recalls that no Sunday would have been complete without grandfather’s “Gugelhöpfli”. 


Today’s fine, handmade chocolate products from Switzerland owe their success to these childhood dreams and vivid family recollections. Since 2009 Max Chocolatier’s expert team has been awakening Grandfather König’s original recipes to new life on the Lake Promenade in Lucerne.


Natural, biologically grown ingredients and cocoa beans purchased from fair-trade plantations guarantee the quality of these masterpieces in chocolate, pastries and ice creams, none of which contain preservative substances. Max Chocolatier regards “hand-made” and “natural” as synonyms for quality and precision. Even the badges embossed on to the pralines and chocolate bars are shaped and applied by hand.


  And to create the perfect all-embracing experience, Max Chocolatier managed to create the most cute packaging: a sugar sweet joy for tongue and eyes! 

Max Chocolatier and GvN Style Blog want to please you with a cute and delicious Easter bunny. Comment below and/or on GvN's social media channel and indulge in Swiss sweetness. You have time until April 14th!

Max Chocolatier_Easter 2014By the way: Max Chocolatier’s cow Pralina is waiting on the slopes of the Seewlialp in the Swiss canton of Uri to pose for a photo. Just in case you need some extra Swiss flair...

Say “sweet”!

Pictures - courtesy of Max Chocolatier
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