Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Goals

new goals baby 2

 I have new goals.

Remember my first post? It was on Label Noir, a young Danish ecofriendly but super cool fashion brand.

My interest in sustainable fashion never died. But I guess that, for a while, I preferred to close my eyes and behave as a perfect "unconscious consumer", someone who does not know the consequences of the own shopping choices and attitudes on our society, the communities which produce our goods, the environment, and even the world's economy and the extraction-production-sale&disposal-use-waste system through which our clothes are provided, bought, and eventually thrown away.

But if you do know (and it is not necessary to be an expert to understand these things, you just need to open your eyes and look for the truth) then you cannot go on behaving inconsistently. Knowing is power. Many of us do not know, even more of us do not want to know (which was my case, until about one month ago). Should you want to open your eyes, there is a easy to understand, fast-paced, and very well explained video about the underside of our production and consumption patterns here.

Style, and by that I mean that drive that makes you choose what you are going to wear, how your hair should look like, whether you are going to wear a red lipstick or black nail polish, that desire to express your taste and personality and ultimately, to feel good in your own skin and with your own image does not have to compromise our environment.
At the same time, a safe environment does not have to bring to a decadence of style.

Of course I still love fashion. This is still a style blog. Trying to eliminate my need for beauty, and those little things that make your look, home, garden, table, office, any ambience you live in and thus your life prettier would be wrong. Human beings (some more, some less) have the gift of aesthetics. There is art in us. And that's a beautiful thing that makes us special.

We just forgot that money and those who hold it, or would like to do so, are giving us rules of behavior (and mostly of consumption!) so that we think we are striving for beauty and creativity, while in fact we are being puppets who play their game. The problem is not really their willingness to be rich. As far as I am concerned, they can make all the money they want. The real problem is that the ways they have designed to provide that money is destroying many things that are extremely important as only they have the power to give happiness: a balanced worldwide wealth, health, water, oxigen, non contaminated materials to build our stuff, time, and more.
That is why our drive for style, which is nothing wrong, should not compromise our happiness.

Style and a healthy environment: I cannot live without either of them.
That is why my equation has to enclose both of them.
I have new goals: living a life that embeds style and sustainability in the same way.

I will have to change a couple of things... And I already know it is hard to always know what the roght decision is ( "is it really organic"? "It is fair trade, but it has been transported all this way to Europe to let me buy it..."). But it is worth trying at least. And I will try. It is a promise. 


  1. I really like your strong statement here and I totally agree with all you said. But how does it fit with working for a company that produces their products in China and paying only minimum salaries - not even having an idea if children are doing all the work for their profits? I know, you can not change all the behaviour - just wondering. Lola

  2. Dear Lola

    Thank you for your comment. It is a real pleasure knowing that someone out there gets my message and I am very impressed by the fact that you know where I work. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog so carefully! It is something that makes me think a lot, believe me. It is indeed something I do not like and you are right, I am not even going to try to change that. I know I could not. I am now trying to find my way... It is been a long process in the last months...and it will continue in the next months... But I am willing to find a solution and live as green as possible, even professionally. To answer your comment, I do know that children are not involved in the production though. But I do not have any idea about the salary the workers get.

    Thank you so much for sharing and asking me questions. They help.

    My bests,


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