Monday, September 9, 2013

My Love for Natural and Sustainable Beauty Product

After choosing vegetarianism at the age of 13, and after starting making sure that at least 70% of my food is organic and local (something I started doing one year ago), my heart is now increasingly growing for those products and that lifestyle that wants to find new ways to fulfill our need for beauty and our empathy for the earth we are living on.
More and more often, I find myself deeply questioning the type of life most of us (included myself!) are living, and the type of production and cosumption chain we are sustaining.
Short bracket: I will soon get back to you with some considerations on my closet and the clothes it stores. Bracket closed.
That is why, more and more often, I prefer to pick my products at health shops and organic shelfs in supermarkets. I am trying to discover as many stores, products and brands of this kind as I can. It is so hard to be sure that the product you are buying and taking home with you really is as sustainable as possible tough. I am reading every label and package to find out as much as possible. So should you guys have great suggestions for me, please, go ahead and let me know!
In the picture, you can see my last beauty purchases.
Do you know them already? Do you like them? What do you think about them? I am looking forward to your comments and inputs! 

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