Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Food Trend - Behold .... The Cronut!

Cronuts Collage
I saw it in a bakery's window and I had to taste it, this last big American food fetish.
Well, to be exact, Mr. Cronut is actually a French Monsieur living in NYC and baking the last food trend. He is a French baker who found a way to bind the "art de la boulangerie" to its new home's culture: a donught made out of croissant paste.
The people standing in the line in front of his shop from dawn, waiting for hours to buy his invention, however, are not French. They are real New Yorkers. Sugar craving New Yorkers. Probably the only people in the world who could free willingly start such a craze and get everyone to talk abou it too. 
Somehow too American for us Europeans to get. 
But they are intersting, these sugar craving Americans, aren't they?
So when I saw these cute, little and much discussed bad boys in a Swiss bakery shop in Zurich, I decided to buy these sugary objects of desire and finally understand what the Cronut mania was all about. After all, was or wasn't I a trend connaiseur?

Ok, monsieur Cronut, I have to admit it, you create a hell of a ... well... cronut. I will continue with my consciously delicious diet, but should I be in need of some real French-American addictive sugar again, I will think about you, I promise. 

Oh, and btw, I had to wait less than five minutes to be served and get out of the bakery with my cronuts. Sorry guys, but that's Zurich: too square to stay in lines for pastry I guess.

cronuts 4
Veni, vidi... bit it.

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