Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

face beneath iphone
body 2
A little bit of healthy self-absorbtion early in the morning never hurt anybody...


Coat & shirt - Zara 
Skinny jeans & Ring  - H&M
Shoes - Taupage
Bangles - SYL
Glasses - Fielmann

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Healthy & Happy - My Love for Consciously Delicious Food

For fun: Italian-Mexican whole wheat fajitas with fresh crispy salad, carrot, avocado, mozzarella, and kidney beans in tomato sauce. 

Wholeweat pasta, with truffel, parmesan and eggplant

A real treat: whole wheat penne with grilled eggplant, parmigiano cheese and truffle (mon amour!)

Tsatziki and wholewheat Swedish cracker 

Greek&Skinny: fat free yogurt tzatziki and a whole wheat Swedish crouton

Asian beauty: vegetables wongtong, soja sauce, and fresh cucumber salad

melanzane, asparagi e crema di quark e rafano

Low carb: boiled asparagus with ricotta and horseradish cream, and low fat cheese "melanzapizza" (pizza made with eggplants instead of pizza bread)
fresh juices  
Sweet vitaminazers: carrot, ginger and orange & kiwi, lemon and apple juices
papaya and caffè latte

Happy awakening: papaya and latte macchiato (without sugar!)

If eating healthily meant to cut out the fun, I could have never started eating more consciously in the last few months. Luckily enough, Mother Nature has provided us with many many super delicious different ingredients that keep my mood, my body and my tummy happy and healthy :)!

Monday, June 3, 2013

New York Lofts - Interior Design Inspiration with Arcadian Home

Hi guys! 
Today, I am going to share my space with Mary form the very interesting Arcadian Home Blog (if you feel like it, check out the Arcadian Home shop too by following the hyperlinks below!), who is going to let us take a breath of true New Yorker style. 
We hope you will enjoy! 



Hi, everyone! I'm so glad to be here with you at GvN Style Blog with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog, a fantastic place to find lots of interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from cool contemporary floor lamps to wonderful wall art and lots more. I was intrigued by the GvN Style Blog post "Be a Part of New York!" and thought it would be fun to pull together some images of residential lofts in New York City to share with you today. So, we're going to take a little visual tour of eight irresistible loft spaces around NYC. Please enjoy! Thanks for letting me stop by to visit for a while! 
~ Mari 

NYC Loft
The entryway of this Chelsea loft gives just a glimpse of how beautiful and inviting this penthouse home is. From dark wood floors to lofty ceiling this space is feels a bit mysterious and 

NYC Loft
With its lovely vintage furnishings, this open light-filled loft is at once beautiful and comfortable. Complete with treasured art and precious pieces like the Han Dynasty vase seen here, it's a wonderful hide-away in the city.

  NYC Loft  

This Tribeca loft living room is eclectic perfection with a mix of appealing styles. It's all about living with what well-loved furnishings that have a slightly Bohemian vibe.

NYC Loft
From a riot of color and pattern above, we next turn to a more sedate industrial loft in Manhattan. This interesting space is an understated eclectic mix of furnishings and lighting from a floor lamp with an industrial look, to picture lights to contemporary glass pendants above the dining table.

NYC Loft
This serene space is part of a Tribeca loft within a building that once served as a spice trade warehouse just before the turn of the century. In keeping with its industrial roots, the centerpiece of the dining room is a double crank dining table.

NYC Loft
A gorgeous NYC loft includes this beautiful bedroom. From massive beams to platform bed and stunning contemporary pendant lights, it's simply lofty style perfection.

NYC Loft

This open lounge area outside the bedrooms in the Manhattan loft seen in image #4 above is outfitted with a daybed created from an industrial dolly, essentially a vintage wooden pallet on wheels. It's a wonderful contrast to nearby antique pieces and beautiful metal torchiere lamps.

NYC Loft
The loft home shown in our first image includes this stunning multi-level roof-top garden. Outdoor rooms have been created for solitary relaxation, dining or entertaining. After looking at the images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8  what do you think of these lofty spaces? Leave a comment below and stop by our blog for more home decor and lighting inspirations!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Café du Bonheur - The Opening Event

When my cousin Nushin, a Swiss-Persian natural sweety with a heart for genuine food and a passion for the art of catering, and her hubby J.B., a real Marsellais and a true king of the kitchen, opened their first restaurant, the result had to be a charmant mix of cosy and easy style, good vibes and authentic food. A real French touch in the multicultural and artistic Kreis 4 in Zurich.

I truly congratulate them for this big step and I wish them a looooot of success!

Mesdames, Messieurs, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the Café du Bonheur.
(Doens't just the sound of the name make you smile :)?)


Nushin & GiorgiaGiorgia & her drinkDSC_5622DSC_5617DSC_5606DSC_5597DSC_5594DSC_5592DSC_5590DSC_5581DSC_5572DSC_5571DSC_5553DSC_5542DSC_5536 
You are looking at: 
1 - Madame & Monsieur Bonheur :)
2 - "Vive le Café du Bonheur!"
3 - Le Marseillais
4 - Details of light
5 - Draft Beer - mais avec un col Claudine, s.v.p.!
6 - Nushin & me
7 - Santé!
8 - Oh la la, even more of santé.. and of bonheur ;)!
9 - Happy reflections
10 - J.B. opens oysers
11 - Fresh scented flowers and good wine. Two main ingredients for the best party!
12 - True Marseillaise kitchen!
13 - Bravo le D.J.!
14 - Trés retro. I liked! Everybody liked!
15 - Le menu
16 - The restaurant from the right window. Part I.
17 - The restaurant from the right window. Part II.
18 - Music & more entertaining
19 - Les moules sont arrivé!
20 - What a nice idea to bring more green into your neighbourhood: many different services form the area got a chest like this to plant whatever they wanted. These are the first plants of Café du Bonheur.

Café du Bonheur
Zypressenstrasse 115
8004 Zurich

Follow the official blog:
Should there be any problems with the copyright of the pictures I posted, please send me an e-mail at and I'll remove them as soon as possible, thank you.