Sunday, July 31, 2011

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Riller Fount racerback tank
£42 -

Alexander Wang denim vest
$275 -

Short shorts
$70 -

H&m shoes
£15 -

Miu miu handbag
£459 -

Old Navy bangle bracelet
$8.97 -

Spell beaded hair accessory
$135 -

My boho inspiration hasn't gone jet ;).
The Doors are one of my greatest music crush.

xoxo Giorgia

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boho Sunny Afternoon






***Boho is in the air...***

In this sunny day, flare and bohemian blouse were just what I needed.
The only thing I had to add were wooden, vintage, and ethnic accessoires.

Et voilà, le boho c'ets moi ;)!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!


Clutch - Pierre Cardin Vintage
Belt - Gucci
Flare, golden ethnic ring & blouse - H&M
Drop-formed cocktail ring - Bijoux Brigitte
Cuffs - Vintage
Wedges - Bagatt

Friday, July 29, 2011

Look of the Day: Green, Gray, & Black





Hello people!
Here is my outfit of the day. I took these pitures this evening, in the little street behind my parent's house in Lugano. It was the street behind my place until 6 years agos . It may be ridiculously stereotypical, but time goes by so fast!
Let me know what you think about my outfit!

xoxo Giorgia

Bright green skinny jeans & black suede pumps - Zara
Bat-formed top & ethnic fabric necklace - H&M
Bracelets - SYL
Bag - from Silvia Leathergoods shop in Milan
Sunglasses - My mom's

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Like Tonto and the Lone Ranger

tonto and the lone ranger 001

Doesn't this combination reminds you of the time of indians and cowboys?
Like Tonto and the Lone Ranger :)!

Shirt - H&M
Silver necklaces - A gift from Guatemala and a Thomas Sabo chain with a vintage pendant from Japan
Ethnic ring - Mango

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend in Milano Marittima - Random Impressions

Hi everyone! How you doin'?
I made a short trip to Milano Marittina with my big sis Sibilla and Luana, a friend of hers, to Milano Marittima, in Italy. I needed to escape from the grayness and anti-summerness (I know it's not English, but it perfectly summarizes the ambience of Zurich during the last weeks. I could start crying right now, thinking of it!!!!) that was obscuring the Northern city I live in. So when my sister (isn't she beautiful :)?) asked me if I wanted to join her and Luana for a short trip to the sea I immediately accepted.
And so we ended up in a part of Italy where party basically never stops, and where we got busy drinking Aperol sprits and frozen margaritas, eating Piadinas with squaccherone (for those of you who never heard of it, it's a wonderful kinf of cheese typical of the region), sunbathing, and dancing until our feet hurt like hell (altough I have to thank my wonderful Mango plateau sandals, which I brought along with me, and which are still the best investment ever made since they are the most comfy high heels -12 cm! - I ever had the pleasure to wear).
The quality of the pictures is not always the best, sorry for that. I hope you get to feel the good wibes that were enshrouding us anyway!

vacanzine e porte 006

vacanzine e porte 013

vacanzine e porte 001

vacanzine e porte 016

vacanzine e porte 018
My sister Sibilla, me, and Luana

vacanzine e porte 020

foto (5)

vacanzine e porte 002

vacanzine e porte 023

P.s. I want more!!! (Salted water in my hair, piadina, Aperol sprits, strawberry margaritas, summery music, dancing 'til the break of down, sun on my skin, bikini mark on my body, Italian ice cream, sand in my shoes, party mood, ...)

Monday, July 25, 2011

R. I. P. Amy!

"I cheated myself like I knew I would..."

She was a damn good voice.
The gossiping will fade away, and the myth will remain.
R. I. P. Amy!

SYL Summer Collection on Sale!

The summer collection of SYL will be on sale very soon!
You can find it at the SYL showroom in Rümlang (Zurich) from September the 1rst. The sale event will go on for 3 days. Come and choose your favorite bracelets!
I'll be there to help for one or two days. Would be great to see you live for once :)!

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Two New Entries

sales founds 002

sales founds 001

Hello hello there!

Here are two new entries I wanted to share with you guys.
The first one is a vintage handbag that is probably coming directly from the 40s .... love it love it love it! (I guess by now you have already understood I'm a real serial vintage treasures hunter...right?). My mom found it in a second-hand shop and gave it to me. Thanks mom!!!
The second one is a sales bargain: genuine leather shorts by Vila I got a couple of days ago. So looking forward to wear them! And well... if summer doesn't decide to come back to us (dunno how the weather is where you are, but here in Switzerland it looks like autumn has already shown up) I guess I will be able to wear them very soon :))))!

Have a great great great one!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage'n Roll

vintage'n roll 029

vintage'n roll 027

vintage'n roll 028

vintage'n roll 004

vintage'n roll 026

This was my outfit of the day. I felt pretty inspired by rock'n roll and chose to combine some of my favourite vintage items of my closet, like this biker jacket and the black clutch.
Vintage simply rocks!

Have a great one!

Biker leather jacket - Vintage
Silk top - Vintage (made by and used to be worn by mom)
Cargo trousers - H&M
Silver necklaces - A gift from Guatemala and a Thomas Sabo chain with a vintage pendant from Japan
Indian Bangels - A gift
Leather clutch - Vintage
Suede pumps - Buffalo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New in - Pierre Cardin Vintage Crocodile Skin Clutch

vintage new entries

Hello there!
This is my new baby.
I found it in a totally chaotic little bazar-like second-hand shop.
In a little corner of the shop I found this little treasure: a Pierre Cardin clutch in crocodile skin.
What do you think? Do you like it?
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winner of the Giveaway

vincita gvn

Hello guys!

Yesterday was the last day to participate to the Sal y Limon giveaway.
Of all those that left their comment, 12 actually fulfilled all the little tasks that were asked to take part and thus had a chance to win a set of 5 Sal y Limon bracelets.

The winner is...... tadadada! Number 7: Chiara Parise.

Congratulations Chiara :)!
You won the set of 5 Sal y Limon bracelets in mud (as you wished) above.
I'll contact you as soon as possible!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2011/12 Full Show

Pucci always blows my mind. I know that we are in the middle of summer here...but I had to share this with you guys!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Feeling

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day! The air was warm and the sun was shining so powerfully. I loved it!
For the fabulous weather I chose to wear my good old denim shorts and a fresh and light white blouse (one of my last purchases - ah...sales, my love!) and I combined them with some summery accessories in fresh pastel colors and gold. What do you think about the combination of the snake prints of the handbag and the sandals? And what about the matching mint-colored necklace and brecelets?
I whish summer could last much longer than it does here in Zurich. Each year, that's one of the things I miss about Lugano...
Are you having a great sunny summer out there?
Enjoy the sun!


P.s. The car behind me in the photos isn't mine...but it looked cool and matched with my outfit (damn it! Now I'll have to buy a same one ;)!), so we decided to shoot in front of it. Thank you to that nice guy who decided to park his cool car in front of my house ;)!

Summer feeling 004

Summer feeling 008

Summer feeling 009

Summer feeling 014

Summer feeling 018

Summer feeling 019

Summer feeling 021

Summer feeling 023

White seethrough blouse - Mango
(Tank Top underneath - Zara)
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Golden Snake Printed Sandals - Michael Antonio
Handbag - Bally, Vintage
Brecelets - Sal y Limon
Necklace : Pendant - bought at the Nachtmarkt in Zurich, Chain - bought at the House of Beads in Zurich
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mexican Dinner with the Girls

Last night I spent the evening at my friend Evelin's place. She invited some friends to her place and cooked a wonderful Mexican dinner for us. Margaritas inclusive, of course ;)! It was such a nice dinner party! What better occasion could there be to choose bright colors for your outfit?

Mexican dinner 020

Mexican dinner 005

Mexican dinner 004

Mexican dinner 007

Mexican dinner 027

My Outfit:

Lace Top - Kookai
Linen Shorts - Zara
Snake Leather and Leather Handbag - Bally, Vintage
Wedges - Bagatt
Ring - Primark
Should there be any problems with the copyright of the pictures I posted, please send me an e-mail at and I'll remove them as soon as possible, thank you.