Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty trend: taupe nail polish

Chanel 367 Trapèze nail polish

The color to wear on your nails this spring is taupe. This warm and soft tone has taken place on the hands of uncountable celebs since its launch during the Chanel spring/summer 2010 runway show.
It works perfectly with the soft colors proposed by the designers for this spring and, in fact, matches the paillette of soft brown tones that have invaded the runways.

Chanel s/s 2010 runway show



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Streetstyle of the month

Ii-Yoon, 30, South Korea, met in Zurich city

Faux fur coat: H&M, 200 Swiss francs

Bag: H&M, 30 Swiss francs

Cardigan: from Korea, a gift from her mom

T-shirt: bought in the US

Leggings: Zara, 30 Swiss francs

Booties: Zara, 100 Swiss francs

Talking about shag vests (see last post)...I found somebody who likes the same trend ;-).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shag vests

Easy but glamorous: with leather leggings and a cotton t-shirt

A shag vest is a mutlivalent piece and an instant "glamour booster".
It works on everything: from jeans to miniskirts, from cotton to silk, on a jacket or under a coat, during the day with more easy pieces as well as at night, with some shiny top or sequin shorts...
Also, it is perfect to keep you warm toward the end of the cold season, on a cardigan or a pullover.

My new one from Zara is faux-fur, and I love to wear it with a large high waist belt on it ...Speaking about it, I think I know what I am wearing tomorrow...;)

From left: Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rachel Comey, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Derek Lam


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Fizzen: vintage, second-hand and new clothes plus design items are sold in the shop.
I've been in the affiliates of Zurich and Bern, the second one being the coolest and the most stylish of the the two, with a hair-dresser, more items exposed, and a very nice interior decoration.
I bought there the three vintage-looking postcards above, which I think are perfect for funny decorations.

Other affiliates are in Lucerne and Basel (Switzerland) and Vancouver (Canada). Worth visiting!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The second-hand shop experiment: part III

Well, it could have gone better at today's appointment.
The sales lady took one item out of the five I had brought to the shop: a big bag from Mango I used for one year and left in the closet during the last five years.
Still, if it can be useful for somebody else and get some cash in return, I'll be more than happy.

On the 22nd and on the 26th of February, I'll be able to know if any of the pieces has been sold. Until then, wish me good luck!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


One of my favorites things to do during the free time is helping friends and family members styling. Be it the serach for an outfit for a special occasion or be it a general wardrobe updating, I'm always more than happy to help them out.
What I usually do with my "customers", after having pulled the right outfit together, is to do some sketches of the entire look on a sheet of paper with some notes describing the details. Should the "what shall I wear today" question come, s/he can just give a glance to the sketches and pick the right clothes without having to waste hours and hours trying a hundred different looks.
Recently, I've allowed myself a styling afternoon to find some new combinations for three pieces of mine. The following pictures show the result of my creative research.

First piece to combine: short dress by Zara



Combination nr.1: evening out
Blazer: Pinko, dress: Zara, necklace and handbag: Primark, tights: H&M, belt and shoes: vintage

Combination nr.2: casual chic during the day
Glasses: Chanel, dress: Zara, necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, cardigan: Zara, bag: from the market (Como, Italy), bracelets: mixture of vintage wooden ones and metallic ones, tights: H&M, shoes: Cube

The second piece to combine: gipsy chic dress by Mango

Thinking ...

Combination nr.1: passepartout
The yellow shoes work for the day while the blazer makes it more elegant

Blazer: Pinko, dress: Mango, necklace: Avant Premiere, cocktail ring: Accessories, tights: H&M, handbag: Primark, shoes: Vögele Shoes

Combination nr.2: perfect for snowy days in the city
Bonnet: vintage, blazer: Pinko, necklace: Avant Premiere, cocktail ring: Accessories, handbag: Primark, overknees: Via Maestra

The third piece to combine: elegant skinnies by H&M

Creative chaos

Combination nr.1: ready to dance!
Necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, t-shirt, trousers and shoes: H&M, clutch and stockings: C&A,

"I'm so cool"..."Ok, maybe not!"

Combination nr.2: chic meets street
Bolero, t-shirt, shoes and trousers: H&M, necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, belt: vintage, stockings: C&A, handbag: Jean-Cahrles de Castel Bajac

If you need any help reorganize your wardrobe, find the right outfit, or smart shopping, just let me know! It's always a pleasure!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The second-hand shop experiment: part II

Yesterday, I went to the appointment made with the sales lady and brought my ten pieces with me. She took six of them according to the possibility of selling them to the shop's usual customers' preferences. The six items she kept were: a tweed clutch with a tweed and leather big flower as facing, a hard plastic clutch looking as a bent Elle magazine, a sequin belt with a big golden and rhinestone buckle, a sequin bolero, a leather high waist skirt and a vintage Bally bag.
I already have a new appointment for next Tuesday to bring the rest of the things I've found at my parents' place: mostly bags and a couple of vintage belts.
On February the 22nd, I'll go back to the shop and see what's been sold and what's to bring home again. Hopefully, many of the things I gave and I'll bring there next week will be sold! I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I'll have some news!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Two new entries in GVN's closet

A good friend of mine went to Germany for the holidays and brought me two cute accessories:



What I like about them is that, if you take a close look at them, you can see they can't have been expensive. Not because of an unsatisfactory factory, but because of the materials. Nonetheless, they can "make a statement", if well matched. They won't last for ever in my closet, but they're fancy trend pieces for which I haven't spent much at all: 2 euros for the necklace and 7 euros for the handbag. I call it smartness :).

Should there be any problems with the copyright of the pictures I posted, please send me an e-mail at and I'll remove them as soon as possible, thank you.