Saturday, November 28, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Martin, 33, from Zurich, met in Zurich downtown

Shawl: 60 Swiss francs

Trenchcoat: 1000 Swiss francs

Jeans: Diesel, 200 Swiss francs

Chucks: 200 Swiss francs

Bag: Dior, 2500 Swiss francs

Sunglasses: Gucci, 300 Swiss francs

Gloves: Etro, 300 Swiss francs

Martin definitely knows what the latest trends are.
I liked the easy way he combined jeans and chucks and refined them with a classic trench (bonded the way stylist propose to do it now, namely simply by knotting it) and very theatrical big dark Gucci sun glasses.
To tell the truth, this is one of my favorite outfits among those I've photographed up to now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Want some music around your neck?

What I found on "Supermarket", a highly interesting design web site, is a really pecular project; better said, an "improbable project", which, in fact, is the label under which the product has been presented.

The sonic fabric necktie is a design product created through the collaboration between Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar. It is a tie made of 50 % recorded cassette tape and 50% colored thread. As Santoro writes on "Supermarket", by running a tape head on the fabric, you should be able to hear the sounds recorded on the same tape.

Santoro goes on explaining that "the idea behind the tie is that the wearer becomes a beacon for other-dimensional, intangible, subtle forces of good…much in the manner of a superhero. only this part of the superhero garb can be worn on the outside in the most conservative environment without detection!" (http://http//

Doesn't it sound fabulously crazy?

If you were wandering what type of sounds you should expect to hear from this tie, the artist adds that "the sound collages recorded onto the tape for this batch of ties comes from my cd between stations, and is based on looped and layered samples collected on and under the streets of nyc".

Three words: new & cool. Thumbs up for this "improbable project"!

For more information about Alyce Santoro alias Alyce B. Obvious' s works, go and check out her website, 'cause it's too cool!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Janice, 25, Switzerland, met in Lugano

Biker Jacket: H&M, 70 Swiss francs

Shawl: H&M, 14 Swiss francs

Top: a gift

Cardigan: H&M, 40 Swiss francs

High waist belt: Vero Moda, 14 Swiss francs

Skirt: H&M, 50 Swiss francs

Leggings: Manor, 40 Swiss francs

Shoes: H&M, 50 Swiss francs

Necklace: Vero Moda, 20 Swiss francs

The first thing I noticed about Janice, was the way her lively and rocky outfit fitted with her hair cut and style. Furthermore, I think she managed well to pimp some basics (the black leggings or the black top and cardigan) with some more eye-catching pieces: the blue high waist skirt with the high waist belt and the biker jacket. A cool style for a young girl.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oopsy! Instead of Laura Biagiotti's picture, Italian actress Virna Lisi's one has been published by mistake

Italian designer Laura Biagiotti

Centra Italian actress Virna Lisi

I came across a pretty remarkable mistake while visiting the Germain Vogue website. In a catalog containing profiles of various major personalities of the fashion world, under Laura Biagiotti's profile, a picture of the Italian actress Virna Lisi has been published.

Oopsy! Or better said: Hoppla! Da hat sich wohl ein Fehler eingeschlichen!


Thank you to Evi and Elena for helping me with the translation :-)!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clip, click, clappety, clap, and the shoe is new!

My new shoe clips form H&M

My old Zara peep toe I love to wear in Summer

Et voilà: my new chic peep toe

I saw them in H&M yesterday, and it reminded me of those my mom used to wear in the 80s: shoe clips!

It really can turn a shoe into something new!
Perfect for "uff-my-shoes-are-so-boring" times or for those shoe models that just need some "pimping" before special occasions.

Good to have in case of need and a creativity booster!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've been "streetstyled"!

Streetstyle photographer Tina Weiss took a picture of me, which she published in both her blog under and in the newspaper "Blick am Abend" (also available on-line: .


Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, Jonny Who!

Saturday morning, 8:45 a.m. (the shops opened at 8:30 here in Zurich, but I was sure I had to wait to get in anyway, so... ), I arrive at one of the main H&M affiliates in town.
A queue is very Swiss-German-like patiently waiting to get in. A big guy in tie, in front of the entry, decides who can enter the shop and when.
I walk on to the second H&M (same street, just 2 minutes far away by walking): the second shop is open too, but no queue stands outside. "Cool! I'll stay here!", I say to my self, and enter the Promised Land for shoe addicts full of expectations. Thirty seconds later, in the shop, I'm in front of it: the crazy crowd. They're hungry and angry and scary...and, what's worse, they're women! And we all know how a woman can become in front of a nice, good shoe, don't we, girls? Don't get me wrong: I get just the same attitude in front of a nice, good shoe. The thing is: I can't see any nice nor good shoe in here...
"Ehm, sorry m'am? Is this the Jimmy Choo collection?...Oh...I see...Yeah, I know we're in a H&M store...but, I mean...The prices are neither H&M nor Jimmy Choo, but the quality is pretty H&, you know, I don't really get ...I mean I was wondering..." I just stop arguing with the imaginary salesgirl (I don't manage to talk to a real one: they're just too busy screaming on the microphone that the customers in the accessories area have two minutes left to grab some pair of shoe and move on in order to let the next costumers, those with the yellow ticket, because the red ones come afterwards) and decide to watch the funny scene around me. Chaotic, but, I have to say, we Swiss really are nice people, I mean, have you seen the video made in Frankfurt?
If you haven't yet, take a look and tell me, is the fuzz really worth it?

Results of my Jimmy-Choo-at-H&M action: I don't buy anything at all. First of all, because I don't like the shoes that much, second of all, the prices are way to high for what they're offering, that is low quality and average design shoes.
In the afternoon my beloved boyfriend calls me: "Hey, how did it go with that... that...Jonny Who thing at H&M?"
...Ok yes, my boyfriend really isn't a master in fashion knowledge. But frankly could have been some "Jonny Who" collection in there, 'cause I haven't happen to see anything that had to do with the great taste of Jimmy Choo in that shop.

For those of you who speak German, an interesting link full of comments on Jimmy Choo at H&M, both positive and negative:

And here is another interesting article (this time in English):

Oh, Jonny Who...I though it was about Jimmy Choo...


Friday, November 13, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Carol, 25, from Zurich (Switzerland), met at the University of Zurich

Cardigan: Massimo Dutti, a gift

Shirt: Orsay, 30 Swiss francs

Top: from Tokyo, 150 yens

Shorts: Zara, 30 Swiss francs

Tights: Globus, 19 Swiss francs (sales bargain)

Overknees stockings: H&M, 39 Swiss francs

Boots: Vögele Shoes, 69 Swiss francs

Bag: DKNY, 250 Swiss francs

Necklace: a gift from Venezuela

Watch: Rolex, a gift

I noticed her lovely tights and stockings first: sooo cute. Carol has this "I follow the trends in my own way"-style (pretty rare among young girls), and it definitely is a very feminine style. Absolutely romantic.

Made in Italy...

Which country is famous for its leather goods? Italy of course!

I've been in Como lately, and I just couldn't come back without some good pair of Italian shoes...I was looking for some casual overknees and I found them in Via Maestra (a pretty famous shop in Italy). If you happen to be in Italy, it's worth going to one of their shops: they have lots of interesting accessories.

I liked the bag for its 60s style. I feel a bit like a yeye girl by weraing it :-). I found it at the market (which takes place every Saturday in Como) in Piazza S.Fedele.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Did you know that....

Strappy China sandals

Some of the items of the collection for H&M

...Sandra Choi was born on the Isle of Wight (Great Britain), lived for a while in Hong Kong and eventually moved to London, where she started working at Jimmy Choo's haute couture atelier?

Did you also know that Tamara Yeardye Mellon, a member of the editorial staff at the British Vogue, has been the one that, noticing the lack of nice sandals for women in the fashion industry, proposed new ideas to Jimmy Choo? And that the same woman co-created with the haute couture house a new ready-to-wear line in 1997?

In the same year, the first boutique opened with huge success.
Tamara Mellon made Jimmy Choo popular in Hollywood, where the stars started loving the creations of the brand; she and Sandra Choi became creative director of Jimmy Choo.

All this, to create fabulous shoes such as the well-known Tabatha and Bambi model.

This Saturday, shoes, dresses and accessories of the famous brand will be available at the main H&M stores, and who knows? Maybe we'll be all able to get some of those famous golden stars under the sole too...

Source: Sonia Tiffany Grispo, The Little Pink Book: Scarpe, Hong Kong: Astraea ed., 2008.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Martina, 25, met in her boutique Butterfly for Jenny in Como - Italy-

T-shirt: Intimissimi, 20 euros

Vest: Eryn Brinié, 89 euros

Trousers: Killah, 119 euros

Boots: bought at Tissabit (Como), 29 euros

Coolness and elegance in one look. The fabrics do the trick! I liked the trousers very much and the way they fit with the boots: very casual chic.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I found something precious...

Precious t-shirts: comfort and simplicity with a touch of luxury. I found one in H&M this week. Here's a couple of example of how to wear it:

blazer: Patrizia Pepe; trousers: Chloé; belt: Giorgio Armani; clutch: Michael Kors; shoes: Gianfranco Ferré


dress:; jacket: Balenciaga; tights: Topshop; bag: Burberry Prorsum; shoes: Max Mara

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today: your personal fotoshooting by Hermès

Today, in Zurich, there will be the unique possibility to create your own Hermès look and have a professional photo shooting! The pictures will be available at the Hermes boutique in Zurich.

Where & When:

Paradeplatz: 3-4 p.m.
Kaufleuten: 4-7 p.m.

What are you waiting for?

Monday, November 2, 2009

The perfect décolleté

Ok, now, let's be honest: what's one of the parts of our body that we girls of every age try to work on the most when it comes to dress up? ...Exactly! Here are some suggestions to reach the perfect effect!

Case 1. " Woho! Somebody has curves here"!

If you'd like to appear less curvy than you are or you just don't feel like exagerating in exposing your graces to the public view, these are some tricks for you:

1. Go for V-formed décolletés.
2. Avoid stretchy models, the clothes should follow your forms without wrap them like a sausage. You want your feminine curves to look sexy, not to look sloppy, right?
3. Avoid also chunky accessories for the upper part of your body, at least those which would end up next to your bosom. I'm talking about bags, broaches and necklaces: some big models would pump your décolleté even more. (Look at Scarlet's simplicity: just a straight cut top and delicate earrings, nothing more, and her body is perfectly valorized!)
4. Avoid too creative prints for your shirts, tops and pullovers: they tend to enlarge.

Remember your virtues: you can wear any of those tops every other girl wish to be able to fill up! You should feel honored :-)!

Case 2. "Backless dresses which require no bra at all? problem!"

If you wish you had Scarlet's décolleté but look more like Keira, then keep in mind these notes:

1. Feel free to go for rouches, broaches, important necklaces, crazy prints...the more, the better! (Have a look at all those lovely rouches on Keira's dress: that's the perfect choice for her! Also worth noticing: the horizontal prints of the fabric help her create a fuller effect.)

2. You can enlarge the size of your breasts with any kind of upholstered bra if it makes you feel more comfortable. But remember that one thing you are allowed to do and that every other woman envy you, is wearing those clothes that look much better without any bra at all! And that's not something any woman can do! For example, personally, I hate those transparent bra that show a plastic part on the naked skin ...I think that a woman should either be able to be totally naked under her clothes or just wear things she can put on without having her bra being showed to everybody. However, this is not your problem at all! Feel free to show your best upper body parts: neck, back and shoulders....anything (as long as it doesn't look sloppy)! It surely can be as sexy as a well-exposed full breast!

Remember your virtues: you are allowed to wear any print, any type of necklace, anything big and flashy that comes next to your bosom. You are one lucky girl, believe me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween costume

I've been talking a lot about Halloween costumes during the last weeks. Well, this week, what I'm going to show you instead of the usual street style of the week, is my own Halloween costume: rockabilly pin-up.

Much of what I suggested in the post entitled "My Halloween 50s inspired costumes" has been put into practice here. The videos on hair and make up, for example, turned out to be a big help to create the look.

Dress: Orsay, 40 Swiss francs

Bolero: H&M

Belt: Tally Weijl, 10 euros

Fishnet tights: vintage

Pumps: H&M, 40 Swiss francs

Fake tattoos: Claire's, 8 Swiss francs

Fake lashes: Tansini (costumes shop), 15 Swiss francs
Should there be any problems with the copyright of the pictures I posted, please send me an e-mail at and I'll remove them as soon as possible, thank you.